Program faculty and research

Law and technology program faculty

Program faculty span a wide range of academic disciplines, from intellectual property and biotechnology to public health and cybersecurity.

Ashley Ahlbrand
Assistant Director for Public Services, Associate Librarian, and Lecturer in Law, Jerome Hall Law Library

Research interests
Legal research and writing
Educational technologies


Fred H. Cate
Vice President for Research, Indiana University; IU Distinguished Professor and C. Ben Dutton Professor of Law; Senior Fellow, Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research

Research interests
Cybersecurity; data privacy and security
National security and individual privacy

Yvonne Cripps
Harry T. Ice Chair of Law

Research interests
Biotechnology law, including personalized medicine in relation to mRNA and DNA technologies and CRISPR gene editing
Personhood and artificial intelligence
Intellectual property law


Susan David deMaine
Director of the Jerome Hall Law Library, Associate Librarian, and Senior Lecturer in Law

Research interests
Accessibility in online instruction
Information governance
Access to legal information

Jessica M. Eaglin
Professor of Law

Research interests
Criminal law
Federal sentencing and related technologies

Norman J. Hedges
Clinical Professor of Law

Research interests
Patent and trademark law
Innovation and entrepreneurship

William D. Henderson
Stephen F. Burns Professor of Law

Research interests
The legal profession
Technological innovation in legal practice

Mark D. Janis
Robert A. Lucas Chair of Law
Director, Center for Intellectual Property Research.

Research interests
Patent and trademark law
Intellectual property/antitrust
Intellectual property protection for plants


Asaf Lubin
Associate Professor of Law
Fellow, IU Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research 

Research interests
Cybersecurity law and policy
International law, espionage, and government surveillance
Governance, liability, and insurance in emerging technology


Jody Lyneé Madeira
Professor of Law
Louis F. Neizer Faculty Fellow
Co-Director, Center for Law, Society & Culture 

Research interests
Public health
Law, medicine, and bioethics
Law and emotion


João Marinotti 
Associate Professor of Law;
Affiliate, IU Maurer School of Law Center for Intellectual Property Research; Affiliated Fellow, Yale Law School Information Society Project

Research interests
Emerging technologies and property law
Data visualization, natural language processing, and legal analytics
Quantitative and algorithmic approaches to legal interpretation

Mike Mattioli
Professor of Law

Research interests
Intellectual property
Law and policy issues related to personal and industrial data
Special interest in collective action problems related to intellectual property and data. This includes patent pools, the aggregation of health data, and emerging arenas for cooperation, such as community micro-grids.


Joseph A. Tomain 
Lecturer; Senior Fellow, IU Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research

Research interests
Free speech rights
Privacy and cybersecurity



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