Legal writing

Legal research and writing program

Prof. Robert Downey takes a selfie with his 1L Legal Research and Writing students.

“Writing — the art of communicating thoughts to the mind, through the eye — is the great invention of the world.”

Abraham Lincoln acknowledged the importance of writing in the legal profession when he spoke these words in 1859. And they’re more true than ever today. That’s why you should look closely at law schools’ legal writing programs when weighing your options.

At Indiana Law, our distinguished faculty bring a quarter-century of trial, appellate, corporate, and clerkship experience to help you develop the writing skills that your career requires. Read on to find out how.

A word from a student

“I am working at a firm this summer, and I thought of my legal writing class yesterday when one of the attorneys asked me to research a contract issue and have a memo on his desk by the afternoon. The quality of the Law School’s legal research and writing course and my fantastic professor prepared me to turn this assignment around quickly. I received a glowing evaluation form this morning, and I have my professor to thank.”

—Hannah Wilson, '22