Co-curricular opportunities

Co-curricular opportunities

Law journals and competitions call on your skills

In addition to honing your research and writing skills in classroom and experiential settings, you'll also have the opportunity to apply them in scholarly and competitive playing fields. Our five law journals give you experience in selecting and editing articles submitted by today's most influential legal scholars. Our annual Sherman Minton Moot Court competition and trial competition enable you to research, write, and argue briefs before seasoned practitioners, often including US circuit court judges during the final rounds. And the school sponsors upwards of a dozen external competitons in fields ranging from LGBTQ+ advocacy and environmental protection to patent and transactional drafting.

Co-curricular opportunities also enable you to work in leadership roles as an administrator of our internal competitions and in teams with your classmates, whether writing briefs or drafting transactions in a time-sensitive settings. These exercises are excellent practice for life after law school as a legal professional.


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