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The Law School has four internationally acclaimed research centers, which, together with our academic programs, explore today's most timely and important issues in law and society. 

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From the COVID-19 pandemic to racial justice and politics, Indiana Law's expert faculty are informing the bench and bar on today's most critical topics.


COVID at the office


Prof. Ken Dau-Schmidt has contributed his expertise as a labor and employment lawyer, commenting on the rights of employers and employees in light of the pandemic.

Poverty and the pandemic

Pamela Foohey

In a series of recent articles and blog posts, Prof. Pamela Foohey writes that current laws and regulations are ill-equipped to protect people who are suffering financially because of the pandemic.

Economic pandemic protection

David Gamage

Prof. David Gamage has drafted tax reform proposals for the states of California and New York to address COVID-19–related budget issues and has co-organized Project SAFE, which offers researched-based policy advice to help states mitigate the fiscal crisis.

Politics and patents

Mark Janis

Prof. Mark Janis recently hosted a panel, "Pharmaceutical Innovations: Patents and Politics" in collaboration with counsel from Eli Lilly & Co. and Roche Diagnostics. He also helped coordinate two panel discussions this summer centered on IP issues related to the pandemic.

Heavy burden for women


Prof. Deborah Widiss's research shows that during the pandemic, women have been far more likely than men to disrupt their own work to meet the needs of children engaged in remote schooling or family members who are sick. This will likely worsen gender-based inequalities in ways that will persist long after the pandemic subsides.

Racial and social justice

Policing hatred

Jeannine Bell

Prof. Jeannine Bell, a nationally known expert on policing and hate crime, has spoken recently at two webinars on police reform and commented frequently on matters relating to hate crime and racial injustice.

Caste discrimination as employment discrimination


Is caste discrimination based on untouchability a form of employment discrimination under Title VII or California employment law? Prof. Kevin Brown (above) is co-authoring an article with Prof. Ken Dau-Schmidt to address an employment discrimination claim filed against Cisco Systems, Inc.

Defending democracy

 L. Fuentes-Rohwer

Prof. Luis Fuentes-Rohwer shared his expertise on voting rights in a recent university-wide series, "Defending Democracy: Confronting Voter Suppression in the New Millennium."

Closing the bar

V. Quintanilla

A new study co-led by Prof. Victor Quintanilla concludes that the minimum passing score on the California bar exam excludes minorities from admission at a disproportionately high rate.

Politics and the judiciary

Barrett on the bench


The appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett raises numerous issues in the runup to the election, according to Distinguished Prof. Charles Gardner Geyh and Prof. Steve Sanders.


Treating taxpayers fairly


Prof. Leandra Lederman's recent testimony before the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee addresses not only the issue of taxpayer fairness in the context of IRS audits, but also the New York Times's reporting on President Trump's tax returns.

Global election cyberthreats

Asaf Lubin

Prof. Asaf Lubin assesses the threat of foreign cybersecurity attacks on the 2020 elections.

Counting the votes


Prof. Emeritus William Popkin analyzes how the courts and Congress could deal with a contested or inconclusive election.

Masking our freedoms?

Steve Sanders

Prof. Steve Sanders comments on a wide range of equal-rights issues, from mask requirements to Bostock and other recent LGBTQ cases and issues.


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