Dear Incoming Students and All Those Participating in Orientation,

What would Orientation be without an August surprise? We worked hard all summer to design an elegant agenda for Orientation, melding in-person and online events. Our plans have been altered slightly, however, by the university’s announcement late Friday night of COVID-19 antigen testing for our 1L class.    

There will be times as future lawyers when you will have your work perfectly calendared and organized, and the judge will call you to move the time of the hearing or a client will have an emergency, disrupting all your well-laid plans. As you progress in your legal careers, you will observe that flexibility and unflappability are two qualities that will serve you well. Although these skills are not intentionally part of our instructional program, we are glad to offer you a first opportunity to practice them. We will all have to demonstrate extra patience, flexibility, and kindness as we navigate orientation and classes under this new regime. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Director Beck ( ) if there are problems or things seem overwhelming.

The test you will receive is a rapid BD COVID-19 antigen test that presents results in about a half an hour. You will be asked to wait for the results.  

You must have a negative COVID-19 test from IU to enter the Law School. You cannot take classes in-person without a negative result from the test.

If you plan to be in Bloomington this semester and cannot take the test, please email me ( The rest of the Law School will be tested on Friday, August 14 (details will be forthcoming shortly). Other make-up dates will be available on August 17-18.
  • The test is mandatory, even if you have been tested in the past.  
  • Please bring identification and know your IU user name.
  • If you have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus within the past 90 days but more than 14 days ago, please bring proof with your positive test, and you may be able to skip the university test.
  • The process is designed to take about 30 minutes, but bring a book, and if the weather forecast is correct, an umbrella.  
  • The line will move more quickly for those in cars than those on foot. University staff will be on site to assist you throughout the process.
  • During hours of testing, students may also text 812-369-MYIU (6948) for assistance.
BY CAR:  If you are driving to your test, please enter through Gate 11 of the athletics complex off the 45/46 Bypass.  Once you have received the result, you may exit the area through Gate 4 onto 17th Street or Woodlawn Avenue.  

ON FOOT OR BY BIKE: Enter on foot from Gate 4 or Gate 11, and check in at the Pedestrian Walk Up Tent near the northwest corner of Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. This location is noted on the map below. For more information, watch this video (which applies to us even though it mentions dorms and housing).

If your test is positive, there will be medical staff on hand to counsel you on next steps. You will be required to quarantine. If you have no plans to be in Bloomington, there is obviously no testing requirement, but please note the change in Tuesday’s schedule.

From the information available, Law students seem to be the only ones tested on Tuesday morning. We suggest that you arrive before 11:15, if you can. Here’s a proposed (not mandatory) schedule designed to minimize wait time and crowding.
8:00 a.m. PGs 1-6 (1-4 are primarily online)
8:30 PGs 7-8
8:45 PGs 9-10
9:00 PGs 11-13
10:00 PGs 14-16
10:15 PGs 17-19
10:30 PGs 20-22
11:00 PGs 23-24

All of this is on the updated Orientation agenda, which includes the suggested arrival times.

I am looking forward to an exciting and enriching semester.

With best wishes,

Aviva Orenstein
Dean for Students, Professor of Law, and Val Nolan Fellow • 812-855-8736 (office) • 812-340-3105 (cell)

cc: Law School faculty and staff
Maurer School of Law
Baier Hall, 211 South Indiana Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405-7001