Here's the response I would make:

"The witness is qualified to give opinions on matters of general automotive knowledge because this is a field of "technical or other specialized knowledge," and the witness has specialized training and experience in auto mechanics."

[Note that the response should address both whether this is an appropriate field for expert testimony and whether the witness is qualified]

Assume the objection is overruled and the testimony continues:

G: Your Honor, this is a picture taken by my fiancé outside the Sack O' Suds. Do we agree on this?

T: Yeah.

G: Thank you. I'd like to submit this picture of the tire tracks as evidence.

J: Mr. Trotter?

T: No objection, your Honor.

G: Miss Vito, did you take this picture?

V: You know I did.

G: And what is this picture of?

V: You know what it's of.

G: Miss Vito, it has been argued by me, the defense, that two sets of guys met up at the Sack O' Suds at the same time, driving identical metallic mint green 1964 Buick Skylark convertibles. Now, can you tell us, by looking at the picture, if the Defense's case holds water? (pause) Miss Vito, please answer the question. Does the Defense's case hold water?


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