My name is Helen Jackson. I used to be married to William Hunt. I was born Helen Maria Fiske, and raised in Columbus, Indiana but went to college in Bloomington. I met Will his senior year (my sophomore year) when we were both involved in student government. I got pregnant and we married in 1983. I dropped out of college and never finished. Will finished, we moved to Columbus, and we had two more children. The oldest is a girl named Kateland, the middle one is Kristine, and the youngest one is named Joshua. They were born in 1983, 1985, and 1987.
The marriage between Will and me was never a good one. He worked very hard and was rarely home, leaving me to raise the kids on my own. I discovered in 1987 soon after Joshua was born that Will was cheating on me. He had several affairs with secretaries who worked at Cummins. I tried for two years to hold the marriage together for the sake of the kids but was unable to do so, and in 1989 I told Will not to come home again.
We divorced in 1990. I got a job as a bookkeeper at Columbus Hardware. Shortly thereafter I met my current husband, Richard Jackson, at a Christian singles group. He is a good man and has become a father to my three children.
Two years ago I lost custody of the children to Will. He and some of his lawyer friends got together and argued that Richard and I were bad parents. I think that the problem was that we were strict Christians and we raised our children with the strictness required of Christian parents. When Kate, the oldest girl, became a teenager she developed a wild and rebellious streak which she inherited from her father, and at this point she manipulated her younger sister and they made a number of false allegations against me. They alleged that I interfered with visitations, canceled trips, took away their telephone and made a variety of allegations that they were being subject to physical and mental abuse. The Judge believed them and transferred custody to Will. I think that the real reason that they wanted to go live with their father is that he and his second wife had a very liberal, almost libertine lifestyle.
Obviously my opinion of William's character is tainted by the divorce and by the somewhat nasty custody battle that we were in. But I also was married to him, knew him for a long time and have been through this kind of battle with him. In my opinion, William is the kind of guy who has affairs and cannot be faithful to one spouse. Also because of his complicity in making up false charges of abuse against me to get custody of his kids I know that he is capable of deception and outright lying, even under oath in Court. I sat there in Court and listened to those lies.
A few other facts. During our marriage William borrowed more than $60,000 from my parents and he did not repay it, and as far as I know never has repaid it. He also developed a drinking problem while we were married, but obviously I don't know if this has continued since our divorce. I hear through mutual friends that the drinking has gotten worse, and that he had to leave his job at the University for mismanaging funds that "disappeared."