1. Create a system for recording your billable hours.

2. Create a yellow pages ad.

For both projects, you should first determine the rules of law, procedure and ethics that influence your decision. I would like to see from each firm a memo (1-5 pages) reviewing the law that includes a bibliography. In the process, identify some sources of help in figuring our the "rules" of legal practice

a. General books on starting a law practice (call numbers KF 300-318 in library)

For the law of billable hours, you may want to look at the following sources:

a. Annotations under 42 U.S.C.A. 1988 (what constitutes adequate record keeping for attorney fee petitions under the civil rights act)

b. West digest topic "attorney-client"

c. An annotated rules of professional conduct.

For the law of advertising, you may want to consult

a. Westlaw or lexis search on "lawyer advertising" (there are a couple of Supreme Court cases

b. Annotated rules of professional conduct

c. Books on Law Firm Marketing in library

d. Articles listed on the home page

3. Make 7 copies of your yellow pages ad and bring to class on Monday..

4. Class meets next on Monday Jan. 21 at 9:50 am to discuss advertising and record keeping.