In the Court of Common Pleas
Rosemount County

Jackie Junior


Micki Harlan


1. The trial is bifurcated and will consist only of the liability portion of the trial. A separate trial will be held on damages if the Defendant is found liable.
2. The diagram of the bar may be used by any witness, and may be used in opening statement.
3. Potential witnesses Tom Fist, Chris Multisary, Carmella Sophie, Tim Bruise and Ted Bluto are unavailable through no fault of either party.
4. The parties stipulate that the events herein occurred on the night of January 28 and early morning hours of January 29, and that any inconsistencies concerning the dates are merely typographical errors.
5. The parties stipulate that Jackie Junior's blood alcohol level was .083, and that any inconsistencies concerning the exact amount are merely typographical errors.

/s/ Sam Spade