Tournament web site: http:/law.indiana.edu/webinit/tanford/tournament/ The rules, instructions, case files, refresher materials on the fundamentals of trial advocacy, and other information relevant to the tournament will be posted on the website by Friday, Dec. 9. You will get no further emails from me, so be sure to check the web site periodically.

Note to students in Tanford's Trial Ad class: For the tournament, we will follow the rules posted on the web site, which are DIFFERENT from those we followed for the final trial.

Each student will conduct two trials in the qualifying round, and your combined score will determine who goes on to the quarterfinals. For students enrolled in Prof. Tanford's section of Trial Advocacy, your final trial was also your first qualifying round. Other students will conduct one trial Sunday and one Monday. Your assignments to teams for the qualifying rounds were determined by the necessities of a larger than expected field of competitors, and required that I disregard your preferences for partners.

The 8 top-scoring plaintiffs and 8 top-scoring defendants will advance to the quarterfinals. You qualify as individuals, not teams. You will be seeded, with the numbers 1-2 plaintiffs put on a team together and matched against the numbers 7-8 defendants in the first round. Once you are assigned to a team in the quarterfinals, however, you will stay on that team throughout the remainder of the single-elimination finals, and advance to the next round or go home as a team.

To the extent that it is possible to do so, all students will do both an opening statement and a closing argument. If you gave the opening statement in your first trial, you will do a closing argument in your second and vice versa. You may be asked to do either one in the quarterfinals and beyond. Your witness assignments for direct and cross will not change. You will conduct the direct examination and cross-examination of the same two witnesses throughout the tournament, even if this creates the anomaly in the semifinals or finals that the same witness gets examined twice.

For each trial, students are listed as follows: A - B v. C - D. The first two names are plaintiffs, the last two names are defendants. Within each pair, the first-listed person will present opening statement and the second-listed person closing argument.

Each student should be prepared to play the witness role for the witness on your side whom you are not examining. However, for the tournament, there will be NO advance witness prep. You should meet in the hallway outside the courtroom 30 minutes before your trial and go over the highlights of the examinations. Witnesses are expected to know their depositions and may take those depositions with them to the stand, but you may not take a script or outline prepared by the examining attorney.

In each qualifying round trial, the first-listed plaintiff shall do the opening statement, the direct of Jackson and cross of Escobar. The second-listed plaintiff shall do the direct of Dalton, the cross of Allman, and the closing argument. The first listed defendant shall do the opening statement, the direct of Escobar and cross of Jackson. The second-listed defendant shall do the direct of Allman, cross of Dalton, and closing argument.

You will do the direct and cross-examinations of the same witnesses throughout the competition, but should be prepared in the elimination rounds to do either an opening statement or a closing argument.


Sunday, January 8

9:30 Reddy-Troth v. Gamble-Haskell

11:30 Hamm-Kuo v. Wozniak-Record

2:00 C. Johnson-Raad v. Weber-Worsham

4:00 Ginn-Buford v. Munger-Tamlyn

6:30 Starling-Davis v. DuBose-Brooks

Monday, January 9

8:30 Simpson-Nussbaum v. Manula-Beasley

10:30 Patel-Bedan v. Park-Kiernan

1:00 Troth-Marcus v. Record-S. Johnston

3:00 Kuo-Bookwalter v. _______ - Szentesy

5:00 Hamm-Reddy v. _______-Houston

Quarterfinalists announced at 8:00 pm

QUATERFINALS -- Tuesday Jan. 10





Semifinalists announced at 6:00 pm

SEMIFINALS -- Wednesday morning, January 11



Finalists announced at 1:00

FINALS -- Wednesday afternoon, January 11


Winners announced at conclusion of trial