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The winning team in the Law School Trial Competition is Clint Cohen, Shane Deaton, Kevin Doran and Jack Norris.

Distinguished Individual Performance Awards go to Jessica Edgerton, Katie McWhorter, and Jamhal Woolridge.

Selections to the Trial Team will be announced in approximately one week.


The IU Trial Competition program is a 2-year comprehensive trial advocacy program combining curricular and non-curricular training in trial practice with the opportunity to engage in intercollegiate trial competitions. Students normally join the team in the fall of their second year and continue through the spring of third year. Because this is a 2-year program, we do not usually take on 3-Ls as new team members, although exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis for students who performed particularly well in Trial Process. If you fall into this category, see Coach Tanford in person. We also do not usually take on 2-Ls who will not be in residence in the spring and in both semesters of their third year, e.g., those planning on a semester away from the law school or who expect to graduate early.

This fall, we have a limited number of positions (probably 8) open for 2-L students interested in joining the team. Students are selected based on an internal competition that will take place Novermber 1-3. We assume that you will come into the program with no previous experience in trial advocacy, so team selections will be based on your potential and level of interest and your natural oratorical skills. Experience in acting, debating, public speaking, undergraduate mock trial competitions, or stand-up comedy is somewhat helpful. Hard work and preparation is very helpful. We will offer a 5-week training camp on basic trial advocacy techniques from September 9 through October 7 on Mondays from 5:00-7:30 (or later). You should show up in the trial courtroom (rm 219) at 5:00 on September 9 for an introductory session.

Try-outs will take the form of an internal competition which mimic the actual competitions. Students will be divided into teams of four. Each team will prepare both sides of the case (plaintiff and defense), and each student will be an attorney in one trial and a witness for his or her team in the other. In the competition, each team will compete twice -- once as plaintiff and once as defense -- against two different opponents. The key factors in judging are whether you appear to have taken the process seriously, learned the basics of trial advocacy quickly, prepared diligently, and have any actual oratorical talent. You may try out for the team whether or not you have participated in Monday night training sessions, but your chances of making the team will be significantly reduced if you skip them.

Participation on the Trial Competition team requires that you enroll in Evidence this semester, Trial Process in the spring or summer, and Trial Law and Procedure either this semester or fall 2003.

Students interested in the program who want to find out more about the experience, time commitment, and so forth, should talk to one of the following 3-Ls who were on the team last year:

Mark Delgado
Chris Donovan
Luiey Haddad
Steve Hamilton
Scott Holmes
Brandy Jones
Paula Konfal
Michele Lofthouse
Andy Reitz
Erica Schilke

For training camp and try-outs, you will need to print out wo things:
1) Readings: An introduction to basic trial advocacy, procedure and tactics - click here .
2) Case file, Reiter v. McKyton:
Main file - click here
Exhibit C (diagram) - click here