Prof. Tanford
Fall 2005

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Last updated: Nov. 8, 2005

This section meets on Thursdays from 2:20-5:25 pm in the Kimberling Courtroom, room 219.


PART ONE: CASE FILE: State v. Hunter

1. September 22. Selecting a Jury
Read Chapter 3.
Be prepared to question prospective jurors fore the defense in State v. Hunter

2. September 29. Opening Statements.
Read Chapter 4
Be prepared to present your opening statements for the defense in State v. Hunter.

3. October 6. Exhibits and Demonstrations
Read pages 255-75
Be prepared to introduce the exhibits in Problems E-2, E-6, E-10, E-14, and E-17 ( click here for problems).

4. October 13. Direct Examination
Read Chapter 6
Be prepared to conduct the direct examination of Richard Hunter.


PART TWO: CASE FILE: Kesler v. Burnside

5. October 27. Cross-Examination
Read Chapter 7
Be prepared to cross-examine Jeffrey Burnside.

6. November 3. Expert Witnesses
Read Chapter 8
Be prepared to conduct the direct examination of Shirley Master and the cross-examination of Prof. Sandra Hawkins.

7. November 10. Closing Arguments
Read Chapter 9
Be prepared to make closing arguments for the plaintiff in Kesler v. Burnside. You are NOT required to follow the formal 6-part organization suggested on pages 397-404, but may find it helpful to use that organization as a starting point.

All students must download, fill out, and turn in the Final Trial Scheduling Form

8. November 17. Open Session
You may make up a missed performance or may repeat a previous performance.
9. November 28 (Monday) at 9:50 in room 124.
Course evaluations and question session.

10. Final Trials will be held the week after Thanksgiving, beginning on Sunday November 27. A new case file will be distributed, and you will be assigned a side and a partner.