B722 Trial Advocacy

Prof. J. A. Tanford
Fall 2005

Last updated: 11/21/05
To contact Prof. Tanford, send e-mail to tanford@indiana.edu
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1) All students must download, fill out, and turn in the Final Trial Scheduling Form

2) For more information on the Law School Trial Tournament and the Trial Competition Team, click here .

3) The case file that will be used for the final trial is now available and can be downloaded here . The assignments to a side of the case, time slot, and specific directs and crosses are posted here .

4) The complete assignment for your final trial is posted on the Trial Law & Procedure home page.

SYLLABUS, click here .


The materials required for this course are the same as those required for B683, Trial Law & Procedure.
1) Tanford, The Trial Process: Law Tactics and Ethics (3rd ed. 2002).
2) The Hunter and Kesler case files (available on the Trial Law & Procedure web site)
3) A copy of the Federal Rules of Evidence. If you don't have a copy, click here .

Professional Responsibility

In this course, your behavior is at all times covered by the Model Rules of Professional Conduct . The weekly class meetings will be considered the equivalent of a hearing in a courtroom, except that the dress code is waived. Violations of the rules may result in your being held in contempt or brought up on disciplinary charges. In either case, you may be "fined" in the form of a point deduction from your final grade.