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Aug 28. Introduction
a) Review the information on the
home page
b) Get the textbook
c) Download the Townsley file from the home page and familiarize yourself with the case file.

d) In class, we will discuss the structure of the course, the requirement for participating in a trial competition, the spring trial tournament, the class website, downloading materials, etc.

Sep. 4. Jury selection & opening statements

a) Read all of chapters 3-4

b) Come to class prepared to question prospective jurors in the Townsley case, to play the role of a juror, to present opening statements, and to discuss how to divide your introduction between the two phases.

c) Try to incorporate an exhibit into your opening statement.

Sep. 11. Class canceled.

Sep. 18. Opening statements, direct examinations, exhibits and anticipating objections

a) Read chapters 4-5-6.

b) Come to class prepare to conduct a, opening statement, a direct examination of a major witness (Nicholas Townsley) and a corroborating witness (Det. Patrick McCardle).

c) All students should try to incorporate visual aids and exhibits into their openings and directs.

d) Try to anticipate objections and make them less likely by incorporating foundations into your questions.

Sep. 25. Cross-examination, impeachment and objections

a) Read chapter 7.

b) We will conduct the cross-examinations of Barbara Townsley and James Lane.

c) Come prepared to discuss what kinds of objections you would make to the direct.

Oct. 9. Fall break

Part 2.

We will divide into trial competition groups, and work as those groups in times to be decided.;