B720. Advanced Trial Practice
(3 hrs Fall - Tanford)

Advanced Trial Practice is a limited enrollment course for third-year students who are especially interested in litigation. It provides students with the opportunity to work on the preparation and trial of a case in far greater depth than is possible in Trial Advocacy. It focuses on the theory, law and ethics of trial practice, as well as the skills and techniques. Advanced Trial Practice introduces students to new material not usually covered in Trial Advocacy, including jury selection and expert witnesses, and gives advanced instruction in difficult parts of the trial, such as cross-examining evasive witnesses, and the effective use of exhibits. Evidence and Trial Advocacy are prerequisites. Advanced Trial Practice is offered in the fall of the third year, and is the third course in the trial practice sequence of Evidence, Trial Advocacy, Advanced Trial Practice, and Trial Competition.

The course normally meets Thursday afternoons. When it is oversubscribed, there will have to be additional sessions scheduled for Fridays and weekends, and every student will have to take their turn in these weekend classes. No exceptions will be made.

Four to eight students will have the opportunity to represent the school in a regional ABA student trial advocacy competition in November.

last updated 8/25/09