B584. Trial Competition (2 hrs - spring)

Course description:

Trial Competition is the final course in the law school's comprehensive litigation curriculum. It has three parts: 1) a series of 4-5 classes reviewing basic and advanced trial technique, 2) a law school tournament in mid-February, and 3) up to 8 students will be selected to represent IU in the AAJ Student Trial Advocacy competition held around March 1.

This course is a lot of concentrated hard work in January and February. Classes, practice rounds and the tournament often take place on evenings, Fridays and weekends, and students must be available on those days.

The only prerequisites for Trial Competition are Evidence and the basic course in Trial Advocacy. You do not need to have taken Advanced Trial Practice. If you have not taken the basic Trial Advocacy class, you may still enroll in B584 with the permission of Prof. Tanford if space is available.

The course is graded pass-fail. You do not need to enroll for credit in order to compete in the law school trial tournament.

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Last updated: 12/14/09