Maurer School of Law Trial Tournament 2015


Last updated 12/1/14


The law school sponsors an annual trial tournament in January, open to all 2L and 3L students, whether or not they have taken Trial Advocacy. It takes place over two weekends, January 24 and January 31-Feb. 1, 2015. The competition is coordinated by the Student Trial Advocacy Board that operates under the general guidance of the Moot Court Board.


1) Those who have NOT taken Trial Advocacy (this includes those of you signed up for Trial Ad for the current spring semester) should download " Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trial Procedure and Tactics."

2) The Federal Rules of Evidence

3) Additional readings:
... a)
Making and Meeting Objections
... b) The
20 Basic Principles of Trial Advocacy
... c) Developing a good
case theory
... d) Smooth
exhibit handling

... d) How to introduce and use a blow-up of an exhibit
... e) A form to use when impeaching a witness for a
prior inconsistent statement
... f) A digest of cases on
the propriety of closing arguments
... g) How to respond to
objections during opening statement and closing argument

... h) Handling evasive witnesses
Impeaching a witness on cross who "forgets" facts favorable to your side
... j) How to impeach a
witness who makes up facts (for purposes of the trial competition)