B670 is taught by S. Hughes

This course is effectively an advanced course in contracts involving the sale of tangible things. Instead of relying on common law concepts, the law of Sales is extensively codified in Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code adopted by the states other than Louisiana. State adoptions are not necessarily true to the uniform text and we will discuss likely non-uniform adoptions as we go along.

This class looks at the sales transaction from the first moment of negotiation through to arbitration or litigation. It looks at settlement issues, malpractice issues, and the calculation of damages.

Article 2 has remedies beyond those available at common law, and some have huge practical upsides. Permissible variations by agreement, which apply to many of the provisions, can cause issues for consumers and small businesses.

For Fall 2017, we will use the most recent edition of the Rusch and Sepniuck textbook published by Thomsen West.

I love teaching this course. I enjoy hearing how different reasonable minds look at the same facts in the many problems we will work through the semester.

Each student will have the opportunity to get feedback on one (1) optional written answer to one of the problems in the textbook. There will be one final exam for credit.