American Legal History

B659 is taught by S. Conrad

This fall the course will focus on policing, but with special consideration of policing other than in the United States today. The principal course textbook will do much to shape this historical and cosmopolitan approach: A Short History of Police & Policing, by Clive Emsley (Oxford University Press, 2021). Students interested in enrolling would do well to scout out that new book, in that it will do so much to shape the agenda of the course. But there will be room on the agenda for taking students suggestions for course readings in addition to those readings on the original course syllabus. The writing assignments will require analysis and evaluation of the strategies of argumentation in some of the readings. And those writing assignments will be blindly graded. Moreover, students will be required to revise some of the writing assignments in accord with feedback given in the initial blind grading. Roundtable discussion is very important in the final grading in this course.