B653 is taught by P. Foohey, W. Henderson, S. Kim, D. Nagy

This course is an introduction to business entities. The basic subject matter includes agency, partnership, limited liability companies (LLCs), and closely and publicly held corporations. Many people take this class because the material is tested on the bar exam. However, the content of Corporations (perhaps more accurately referred to as Business Associations) is eminently practical. This class is organized so that students with absolutely no business training will eventually be able to put themselves into a "business" mindset. This is important because over 60 percent of all lawyers serve business clients, either in a transactional or litigation context. This course places high expectations on enrolled students. Attendance and daily preparation, within certain parameters, are mandatory. The final grade is based on a combination of attendance/preparation, weekly quizzes, a written assignment and an eight-hour take-home exam.