B653 is taught by B. Broughman, G. Fletcher, P. Foohey, W. Henderson, W. Hicks, D. Nagy

This course provides a survey of the legal rules and concepts governing the modern corporation in the United States. Topics to be covered include agency law, business formation, limited liability, fiduciary duties, corporate governance, executive compensation, shareholder voting, derivative suits, corporate control transactions, and the purpose of the firm. A principal focus is on the publicly traded corporation that dominates much of the U.S. business environment. The key theme for our purposes is to understand how corporate law regulates the relationships among the many different constituencies of the firm, including shareholders, directors, managers, creditors, employees, customers, and suppliers. At core, this is a survey course, so many of the topics we will discuss have specialized courses offering a more detailed treatment. There are no prerequisites for this course, and the presentation is designed to be accessible to students lacking a business background.