Seminar in Intellectual Property: Data Law and Policy

L730 is taught by M. Mattioli

This seminar explores new policy challenges at the nexus of intellectual property law and the emerging field of data science. Today, policymakers and technologists believe the world is on the cusp of a new industrial age that will be powered and defined by digital information of all kinds--from health records, to credit card reports, to the digital footprints our smartphones and other electronic devices create throughout the day. Considering the vast potential of this emerging area, the legal framework that relates to the exchange and reuse of data itself remains conspicuously underdeveloped.

Through weekly readings, class discussions, and guest lectures, the seminar will canvas a set of policy problems that have emerged against this backdrop. These include problems related to data exclusivity, control over downstream uses of data, inadequate disclosure of metadata, data transactions, data valuation, and more. Drawing upon these readings and discussions, students will craft their own articles over the course of the semester.

Prior or concurrent enrollment in at least one intellectual property course is a prerequisite.