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Public Interest Externship Program: SLS/ILS

B547 is taught by Farnsworth

COURSE GOALS: To understand the intersection of the study and practice of law by working under the supervision of both a licensed, onsite attorney and the academic supervisor. Placement at either SLS or ILS will determine substantive areas of practice, the degree of client interaction, and litigation experience.

COURSE COMPETENCIES/STUDENT ROLE: Perform legal research and writing, draft documents and pleadings, observe/participate in client meetings, develop pre-trial and litigation and transactional skills, and work with professional ethics issues as they arise.

COURSE QUALIFICATIONS: Prior to registration for the course, students must be accepted as an intern at ILS or SLS. Students wishing to become certified legal interns must satisfy Indiana Supreme Court Admission and Rule 2.1 (requiring completion of ½ of the hours required for graduation and enrollment in or completion of The Legal Profession course).

CLIENTELE SERVED: SLS: Undergraduate and Graduate Students at Indiana University, Bloomington; ILS: Clients who qualify financially and meet other ILS requirements.

NATURE OF PRACTICE: Depends on the placement. Students should contact SLS and ILS for specific information regarding intern responsibilities.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: The course is graded on a pass/fail basis. In order to pass , a student must:

1. Perform ten hours of work per week during the weeks that law school classes meet;

2. Maintain a time/activity log tracking hours worked and work activities;

3. Submit a one-page statement of goals and the employer agreement;

4. Submit three reflective essays on a scheduled basis regarding the externship experience (two double-spaced pages for each week of work);

5. Participate in two one-on-one meetings during the semester with the academic supervisor (one at the beginning and one at the end); and

6. Complete a final self-evaluation form.