Seminar in Criminal Law: Current Issues in Law & Procedure

L776 is taught by J. Hoffmann

This three (3) credit research seminar will explore selected topics of current interest in criminal law and procedure. Each week, the professor will assign readings about current issues such as: the use of big data in criminal justice; the psychology of false convictions; the impact of new technologies on criminal liability and personal privacy; government searches of e-mails and cell phones; preventive detention; racial and religious profiling; stand your ground laws; police use of deadly force; and the death penalty. Some of these issues will include a comparative dimension, based primarily on discussions held during the biennial Bradley-Wolter Colloquium in Comparative Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, of which IU Maurer is a founding co-sponsor. Near the midpoint of the semester, after consultation with the professor, students will choose a topic in contemporary criminal law or criminal procedure, and will write a 20-30 page research paper on that topic. Early drafts of the research paper will be reviewed by both the professor and fellow students in the seminar. The final grade for the seminar will be based on a combination of the final research paper grade (80%) and a class participation grade (20%).