Wills & Trusts

B645 is taught by D. Gjerdingen, J. Stake

Wills & Trusts will cover functions and purposes of wills and trusts; intestate succession; limitations on testation; execution, revocation, and revalidation of wills; creation, modification, and termination of trusts; construction of wills and trusts; and the law relating to future interests, including the Rule against Perpetuities. The intricate rules and extensive doctrinal material covered will require a fast pace of presentation. Nonetheless, policy issues involving both fairness and efficiency will be considered.

This course should be taken prior to any advanced courses in Estate Planning. It is intended as a basic introduction to the trusts and estates area and as elemental preparation for students hoping to enter general practice or specialize in estate planning or fiduciary administration.

Extensive use of power point slides is anticipated. Class attendance and preparation are required. The readings will be primarily, if not entirely, pdf downloads and some of the cases will not be edited much, if at all. Please note that laptops may be used during class only by those who promise in writing to use them solely for the purpose of taking notes in a word processing program; no other use is permitted. Unless an emergency prevents it, the exam will be constructed from multiple-choice questions.