Seminar in Int'l Law: Drone Law

L712 is taught by D. Fidler

The development and exploitation of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, is generating an expanding number of policy and legal issues. This seminar focuses on efforts within the United States and internationally to address legal challenges the advent and proliferation of drone technologies pose for governments, militaries, corporations, and citizens. The seminar will explore, for example, how drones affect privacy, how governments regulate drones, how commercial adoption of drones implicates different areas of the law, and how domestic and international law affect military use of drones. Students will be required to complete a research project, which can take the form of a traditional research paper or a more policy-oriented research brief. The research project can focus on domestic law in the United States or in another country, can explore international legal issues, or involve a combination of domestic and international law. This seminar satisfies the Maurer School of Law s research requirement.