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Deliberative Leadership

B714 is taught by B. Henderson

A disproportionate number of law graduates become leaders, yet law school seldom provides formal training. Deliberative Leadership is unique seminar that focuses on leadership the importance of leaders to the success of our public and private institutions; the attributes of leaders worth following; and focused class discussion and personal reflection on when, how, and why certain people ascend to positions of leadership. Effective leadership is an accumulation of skills, behaviors, and attributes that are acquired through observation and practice. To get students onto this track, eight of the thirteen seminar classes will be planned, organized, and run by student teams. Half of the classes will include Maurer alumni and other law graduates who will share their insights and experience on topics of related to professional development and leadership. Assessment is based class participation, team performance, a research paper, and a short call-to-action speech. Class size is limited to 20 students.