Legal Profession for Foreign Lawyers

B614 is taught by S Pruden

This class explores regulation of lawyers in the United States, the effectiveness of such regulations, and explores the conflicting goals of both the regulations and the broader societal goals of the legal profession and justice system.

The goal of the class is to introduce the tools to create understanding of the regulatory process of the profession and to develop a sense of ethical knowledge and values for both theoretical and practical application.

The course will introduce you to the regulations governing lawyers both ethically and procedurally, to understand how the laws of lawyering in the United States in both the federal and state systems and the relationship of governing organizations and the courts.

The course will introduce you to the various forms of the practice of law, including, but not limited to private practice in small and large settings, government practice, corporate or single client settings, private enterprise and public service.

The course will introduce you to strategies for successful practice (ethical and effective) and demonstrate conducts that results in negative or anti-successful practice.

The course will primarily consist of lectures, class discuss and occasional guest speakers on specific topics.

Final grading will be based upon a test, short paper and class participation:

Test: 85%

Class Participation: 15%

Required Course Material: ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct (Available online); Materials provided by instructor. Reference Material: Hazard & Hodes, The Law of Lawyering, (Aspen 3d Ed.) No Purchase Required