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Criminal Procedure: LLM

B604 is taught by G Goodwin

The Criminal Procedure: LLM course is designed to give LLM students practice and experience with U.S. legal writing as a means to learning the areas of criminal procedure and constitutional law. This course will explore the constitutional constraints on state and federal law enforcement officers as they pursue criminal investigations. Though emphasizing the Fourth Amendment, the course also reviews the impact of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Areas to be covered include (but are not limited to): searches and seizures of persons and property, stop and frisk, arrest, profiling, the exclusionary rule, roadblocks, confessions, wiretapping, and police interrogations/videotaping.

During the semester, students will work on writing skills and strategies in preparation for final exams and taking a bar exam. Grading will be based primarily on weekly timed writing assignments; no final exam will be given. Students may take both B601 and B604, but neither is a prerequisite for the other.