Municipal Finance

B647 is taught by Haines

This course will provide an introduction to the state laws and the federal securities and tax laws applicable to municipal bonds, the policies underlying these laws and real-world practices in this large and important securities market. In addition, it will include guest speakers who are nationally known experts on topics such as municipal bankruptcy, SEC enforcement, the regulation of brokers and dealers in the municipal bond market, the newly regulated category of municipal advisors , and the taxation of municipal bonds. Students will be asked to write a series of short papers. There will be no final exam.

The information learned in this class will be valuable in a large number of law practices. For example, it will be particularly valuable for lawyers who work for or with many state and local government entities, state and federal financial regulators, real estate and M&A attorneys, securities lawyers, lawyers representing broker-dealers, health care lawyers, municipal bond lawyers and others in financially-related practices.