Patent Trial Practice

B785 is taught by M. Janis, D. Knebel

The Patent Trial Practice course will teach the basic skills of a patent litigator by providing experiences as close as practical in a law school environment to those of a practicing litigator. The class of no fewer than eight nor more than twelve students will be divided at the beginning of the course into a plaintiff& 039;s team and a defendant& 039;s team, which will prepare and take to trial a hypothetical infringement case typically based on an actual United States patent. The hypothetical will be constructed to present generally balanced infringement, validity and/or damage issues. Team members will have the opportunity to participate in mock hearings, take and defend mock depositions, participate in mediation and participate in a mock jury trial before an actual federal judge. Team members may also interact with law students in Taiwan on matters of strategy. Participation in these activities will be arranged so that each student will get at least two half-hours of opportunities for "on his/her feet" experience. In addition, the teams will work together to draft briefs and other documents. Prior to each opportunity for speaking or writing, the class will read and discuss materials and/or hear a lecture or presentation relevant to the task. The course will be conducted in one 150-minute class per week. Students must have completed the basic patent course. Enrollment requires permission of instructor and preference will be given to students who have taken or are taking an evidence course.