Intellectual Property Colloquium

B518 is taught by M. Janis, M. Leaffer, M. Mattioli

In this colloquium, students read and respond to cutting-edge works-in-progress from leading intellectual property scholars and commentators. Approximately six such scholars/commentators will visit campus during the semester to present their works-in-progress to colloquium students. Students will be expected to read each work-in-progress, along with any assigned background readings, and discuss the work and the readings in a class session prior to the presentation. Students will then attend the presentation, and pose questions to the presenter. Students will also typically have the opportunity to engage with the presenter informally during the presenter s visit. Other faculty from IU and elsewhere, and IP practitioners, will also be invited to participate. At least one intellectual property course is a prerequisite, and participation in the colloquium is by permission of the instructor. The colloquium satisfies the upper-level writing requirement. Enrollment requires permission of instructor.