Advanced Patent Law

B517 is taught by M. Janis

Advanced Patent Law is the follow-on course to Patent Law B743. Advanced Patent Law typically builds on Patent Law B743 in three ways. First, it covers topics that are omitted from Patent Law B743. Second, it presents some topics in much greater depth, sometimes by engaging more deeply in the application of patent law to particular technology areas (such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals), sometimes by more thoroughly exploring the edges of substantive patent law and their interfaces with other areas of law (such as antitrust law, administrative law or civil procedure). Third, it involves intensive study of very recent case decisions, usually those emanating from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, along with current scholarly writings. Ordinarily, there will be no final examination. Instead, students will produce a series of short, graded research papers throughout the semester, and will periodically organize and lead class discussions.

Patent Law B743 is a prerequisite, but no technical background is required or expected.