Seminar in Constitutional Law: Sexuality, Reproduction & the Constitution

L799 is taught by D. Johnsen

This course will explore the various ways in which state and federal governments have used or abused power to regulate sexuality and reproduction in the United States. We will study the proper role of government and, in particular, constitutional protections with regard to sexual activity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender roles, and pregnancy. We will touch upon some of the theories that inform contesting views (such as natural law, social movements, and economic theories). Specific topics will include: legal restrictions on sexual activities (e.g., same-sex, sodomy, sex toys , S&M, prostitution, incest), LGBTQIA discriminations and protections, and the regulation of contraception, abortion, and pregnant women. Requirements include active preparation and class participation (including weekly short thought papers) and an independent research paper on a topic of the student s choosing (satisfies the advanced research requirement). No exam.