Tax Policy Colloquium

B526 is taught by D. Gamage, L. Lederman

This course offers an opportunity for students to read and react to articles in progress on an array of tax topics. There will be five or six presentations during this semester, made by professors from other schools, with five short reaction papers required. This course satisfies the writing requirement for graduation. For information on the types of topics covered in past years (which span an array of domestic and international tax issues), see the Colloquium website at

and click on the date links. If the Spring 2021 speaker list is not yet posted there, you can email Prof. Lederman at to request it.

This course will be offered online. Most of it will meet synchronously via Zoom. However, because the course will meet only 2 hours per week for the 11-week semester, 3 hours of time will be asynchronous content, including a video of a past year s presentation.

Students will be expected to read each article draft in advance of the presentation, along with background reading, and to write a short reaction paper in response to most of the papers; to discuss the article draft and background materials in the class session prior to the presentation; to pose questions to most of the presenters about the article or talk; and to participate in a synthesis discussion in the class session following the presentation. The presentation sessions (i.e., alternate weeks) will also be attended by other members of the I.U. community and tax community, including Maurer alumni and tax faculty from other law schools. Those attendees participate in the discussions, enriching the experience, but students in the class get priority for their questions and comments. Because of these outside participants in the presentation sessions, students in the class will need to sign a release reflecting that students names and images will be viewable by third parties.

Introduction to Income Tax is a prerequisite (or co-requisite with permission of the instructor). Note that this course can be taken more than once because the topics covered differ each year. Also, to complete your enrollment in this course, please email Professor Lederman before the first class to obtain and sign the release form mentioned above.