Remedies & Equity

B603 is taught by S. Conrad

This course will introduce students to a wide range of legal and equitable remedies. There will be two required textbooks: (1) the classic hornbook Law of Remedies: Damages-Equity-Restitution (THIRD EDITION, 2018), by Dan B. Dobbs and Caprice L. Roberts (in hardback); and (2) Line by Line: How to Edit Your Own Writing (PAPERBACK EDITION, 1986), by Claire Kehrwald Cook. The course will use the problem method, both for our classroom discussions and for the writing assignments. There will be a series of short writing assignments, some of which are to be revised in response to feedback given in the initial grading. The course will throughout proceed online synchronously ; and because each student s classroom (and analogous) contributions to the course enterprise are very important in the final grading, everyone will be called upon to routinely demonstrate a high level of initiative in using Canvas and/or Zoom and/or email and/or analogous remote-learning resources in order to enrich the learning experience for the class in general.