Health Privacy Law

B536 is taught by S. Crosley

Health Privacy Law is a fast-growing area of law that has seen significant recent regulatory and enforcement activity globally. This course addresses information privacy laws and regulations that have been enacted around the world, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act s Privacy and Security Rule, the FTC Act, Data Breach Notification laws of US State and Federal and European and Asian jurisdictions, and the EU General Data Protection Regulation. It will also consider enforcement decisions by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights, the Federal Trade Commission, and U.S. and European courts.

While the course will include a review of these relevant laws, regulations and enforcement actions, it will also devote a substantial amount of time to applying critical concepts of data privacy, data strategy, and data ethics to traditional health activities as well as cutting edge areas like artificial intelligence, neural networks, and machine learning. The course will be taught from my practitioner s perspective based on 20 years of experience working with some of the largest multinational companies in tech, health, and medical devices. The course will thus have a strong emphasis on critical decision-making and relevant application of the law necessary to provide meaningful guidance in a real world, highly dynamic, client setting. As such, the course will use a diverse range of materials, including tools designed to aid in risk analysis and decision-making for counseling and advocacy work and will utilize case studies developed directly from actual client issues. The overall intent is for the course to have the character of a law firm partner teaching an associate or client how to, in turn, counsel their clients on health privacy issues.

The course will be taught at the assigned class time virtually in a live stream and students will be expected to attend the virtual session at the assigned time in order to facilitate interaction. There will be a take home exam at the end of the class and one other exam/paper mid-semester.