Seminar in Tax Policy

L773 is taught by D. Gamage, Popkin

This seminar will cover topics relating to the theory and policy of tax law and public finance and the United States domestic and international tax systems. Students will be required to complete short weekly reading response papers in addition to one longer seminar paper. Students will be graded on the writing assignments and on class participation; there will not be a final exam. Students will be expected to perform as active participants in learning and analyzing the course materials, both in preparation for class sessions and during class discussions. The course may make use of a computer chatroom program to facilitate specified class discussions, and, if so, students will be expected to bring a laptop or equivalent device to relevant class sessions. The emphasis will be on improving lawyerly skills as related to tax policy topics. It is helpful for students to have previously taken or to be concurrently enrolled in the Introduction to Income Tax course, but this is not required. This course is distinct from the Tax Policy Colloquium and students are encouraged to take both this course and the Tax Policy Colloquium if they so desire.