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Intellectual Property Practicum: The Legal Aspects of Independent Filmmaking

B567 is taught by M. Dresden

This course will provide students with experience acting in support of pro bono legal counsel on independent film production matters. Through readings, class discussions, and assignments, students will learn about the legal aspects of financing, developing, and producing independent films. Under the instructor s supervision, students will engage directly with filmmakers and work on multiple discrete projects, depending on the availability of matters during the semester.

The film practicum matters to be covered may include (1) drafting and negotiating agreements, including option and purchase agreements, cast and crew agreements, location agreements, and music licenses; (2) reviewing scripts and advising clients regarding IP (and related) issues such as fair use, public domain, clearance, privacy, defamation, and rights of publicity; and (3) reviewing agreements and advising clients on matters concerning the roles of consulting and management services, sales agents, and distributors in the independent film business.