Mergers & Acquisitions

B582 is taught by Greene, W. Sjostrom

This course, which will be taught completely asynchronously, explores legal issues related to corporate mergers and acquisitions. Topics covered include acquisition structures and mechanics, shareholder voting and appraisal rights, board fiduciary duties, federal securities law requirements, anti-takeover defenses, accounting and tax issues, and antitrust


The course is organized around an 11-week schedule that will begin each Saturday and end the following Sunday. For each module, there will be 1-2 individual written assignments reflecting the readings and lectures. Each topic will also have 1-2 questions posted to the discussion board each week. Students are expected to add at least 1 contribution to each question. The final exam will take the form of a take-home exam. You will have 8 hours to

complete the exam during the exam period from the time you download it. Exam questions will be similar to written exercises from the course. The following formula will be used to calculate your final grade: final exam 50%, written assignments 30%, discussion board participation 20%.

Prerequisite = Corporations