Seminar in Constitutional Law: First Amendement

L799 is taught by J. Bell, D. Johnsen

This seminar focuses on current hot topics related to speech in First Amendment law. Special attention will be given to threats to speech in the current climate. After a brief introduction to different ways of thinking about the First Amendment, we will examine various attempts to place restrictions on speech in the class room, in the public arena, and in the workplace. Topics we have discussed in the past include the following: Racist Speech, Hate Crime, Cross Burning, Noose Hanging, Recording of the Police, Violent Video Games, Campaign Finance Reform, Protests at Military Funerals and other protests of speech, and Holocaust Denial.

This seminar is designed for those who have already taken a course that examines First Amendment doctrine. It can be taken concurrently with Con Law II. It may also be taken with special permission, by those who have taken a course on the First Amendment outside the law school. Though there is no formal prerequisite, students who have taken Constitutional Law II may find the course concepts about which we engage easier to discuss and write.