Law & Globalization: Corporate Law & Lawyering

B797 is taught by Aman

In today& 039;s increasingly interconnected world, lawyers must be adept at working in a globally-diverse environment -- whether based on relationships with clients, business executives, jurors, regulators or other lawyers -- as well as in contexts shaped by globalization. This course tackles both aspects of globalization by providing students with opportunities to learn to work in a global environment while studying the ways in which globalization influences business law and lawyers representing businesses. Even a fundamentally local business, whether family-owned or publicly held, is likely to have some interaction with individuals and/or organizations outside of its home country.

Students will learn to communicate effectively with lawyers, clients, regulators and others from other countries and cultures, including writing and speaking. They will refine their critical thinking and interviewing skills with particular emphasis on the sensitivity required for effective lawyering in cross-cultural contexts.