B771 is taught by J. O'Connor, C. Stafford, A. applegate

This course explores mediation as a method of dispute resolution and lays a foundation for the development of advocacy skills in the mediation environment. Class sessions will explore real world mediation in many civil practice areas from the perspective of the client, the advocacy attorney, and the mediator. We will work on negotiation strategies in the mediation context. This course will cover relevant authority and rules governing mediation and will include frequent discussions on legal ethics in the mediation setting.

Written work will consist of three assignments: a Confidential Mediation Statement, and two detailed mediation agreements. These written assignments will count for 70% of the course grade, with the remaining 30% of the course grade based on role playing exercises. There will be no end of the semester course examination. Frequent role-playing will explore and reinforce mediation skills.

This course will be limited to 20 participants. Satisfactory completion of this course will enable the new lawyer to understand the role of mediation in the justice system and prepare the lawyer to represent a client in a mediation session.