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Outright Bequests

After providing for family, friends, and others, many of our graduates and friends include a gift to the School of Law in their estate plan to continue their lifetime support. These gifts take several forms:

  • Bequests of a stated dollar amount
  • Bequests of a percentage of the estate
  • Specific bequests of property

A gift can be residual—taking effect after all other provision of your estate plan have been satisfied—or it can be contingent, taking effect if other provisions cannot be satisfied.

Indiana Law recognizes that your bequest intentions are a very personal matter, and that you may, understandably, wish to keep them confidential. However, if you are willing to inform us of your estate planning intentions regarding the Law School, it will assist us in our current and future planning. Additionally, you will be recognized by the university’s Arbutus Society when you include the Law School in your estate plan.