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Scholarship funding is more important than ever. State support of the Law School has fallen dramatically, and the school has been forced to raise tuition precipitously. In fact, resident tuition has nearly tripled since 1998, and is now more than $17,000 per year.

A reliance on tuition dollars to fund the programmatic and curricular innovations that propel the school forward puts a heavy burden on our students, and threatens the values of public education that this school stands for. We must provide scholarship assistance to ensure that academically accomplished, community-minded students have access to an excellent legal education regardless of their financial circumstances. Read how scholarships have benefited some of our students.

The ability to recruit and retain intellectually engaged students also directly affects the school’s visibility as a national leader among law schools. In the competitive environment in which law schools operate today, it is imperative that Indiana Law have the necessary scholarship funds to attract matriculants with the strongest credentials. Such students are the next generation of accomplished alumni, whose distinctions speak volumes about the quality of legal education here, and improve the value of an Indiana Law degree for all who hold it.

Many of our alumni and friends have already taken advantage of this opportunity to give back to the next generation of students. Your gift could enable a student to focus more on the challenge and rewards of an excellent legal education, rather than on how he or she is going to pay for it. Your gift could enable someone to take advantage of Indiana Law’s growing clinical opportunities, rather than take a second job. Your gift could reduce a student’s debt, and enable him or her to work in the public sector after graduation, thereby increasing our community’s access to justice. Your gift could transform a student’s life.