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Pro Bono

Access to Justice
Faegre Baker Daniels Pro Bono and
Public Interest Externships

In the spring semester of 2011, the IU Maurer School of Law launched the Faegre Baker Daniels Pro Bono/Public Interest Externships. The Indianapolis-based law firm will host three teams of between two and four students (listed below) who will work closely with their attorneys on one of the following projects. Each team will work up to ten hours per week for ten weeks during the semester.

Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLP)
Saqib Hussain, Andrew Murphy, Amy Jensen, Amy Skelton
This externship allows students to conduct research and prepare a summary about the existence and use of MLPs in rural communities, including a survey of national programs that focus on health and legal needs for residents living in rural communities. The students will meet with MLP health and legal professionals and develop a rural MLP model to consider adopting in Indiana. Research will involve a qualitative analysis, such as observing MLP clinic sites in Indianapolis and interviewing MLP providers (legal service providers, pro bono lawyers, doctors and other health professionals). Opportunities to assist pro bono lawyers and conduct research with respect to a specific MLP case may occur. A presentation to the MLP legal and medical communities on extern's research (methodologies, findings, conclusions) will occur at the end of the semester.
Appellate Pro Bono
Blake Hartz, Renee Skeete
Under the supervision of pro bono lawyers, the students will conduct research and writing for various pro bono appellate cases. Opportunities to observe moot appellate arguments and/or oral arguments may occur depending on cases and related schedules. Students may work on the coordination of the State Appellate Pro Bono Project and have presentation opportunities related to those developments.
LGBT Individual Advocacy Platform
Christopher Smyly, Joyana Progar, Donald Bierer
The externship introduces students to the development of an LGBT individual advocacy platform in Indiana. The students will with lawyers who serve on a group that is considering the development of an individual advocacy platform for the LGBT community. Research will include a survey of various state advocacy platforms and an analysis of how those programs are operated. Additionally, the research will provide a survey and compilation of organizations and services offered to the LGBT community in Indiana, including feedback from individualized interviews and meetings with various organizations in Indiana that serve the LGBT community. The students will have an opportunity to help develop and implement a plan for Indiana's LGBT platform. At the semester's conclusion, they will present the research, findings and proposals for developing an advocacy platform in Indiana.