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Private Practice Externship Program

The Private Practice Externship Program allows students (rising 2Ls and 3Ls) to receive academic credit (up to four hours) for unpaid summer externships in law firms, corporate law departments, and other private practice settings. Students gain important and useful insights working in successful law firms or corporations on a variety of tasks. A secondary objective is to facilitate student and alumni networks as well as student exposure to the different forms of private law practice.

This program takes place in the summer only and is new for summer 2010. Externships include legal work assigned by the attorney-supervisor and an academic component assigned by the faculty member designed to encourage reflection on issues of ethics and the practice of law.

The Private Practice Externship Program allows students to take fewer hours in the fall semester of their second year, when they are typically involved in journals, moot court, and job searches. It also provides students with:

  • An opportunity to think reflectively and critically about the practice of law and the ethical issues it poses
  • A challenging legal setting after the first year
  • The chance to explore a practice setting they might not have otherwise considered
  • Professional contacts

With the help of Indiana Law's Office of Career and Professional Development, you'll find your own placement for the program. This serves as an excellent way to network for future job searches. Two things to keep in mind: 1) You must be supervised by a licensed attorney; and 2) You must perform substantially all your work at the externship site; in general remote locations, telecommuting, or working from home are not acceptable.


Students must work 80 hours to receive one hour of academic credit for up to 4 hours of credit. In addition to work at the externship site, participants must also write weekly reflective essays about the externship experience and maintain regular contact with a faculty supervisor.

Before you apply, find a placement. Refer to the Course Handbook for details on the Private Practice Externship Program and policies. If you want to receive academic credit for the externship, complete the B514 Registration Form and return it to the Recorder's Office when you register. After you register, you will be assigned a faculty supervisor. You are not required to apply for academic credit.

Contact the Private Practice Externship Program

Kim Bunge, Assistant Director of the Office of Career and Professional Development
E-mail: kbunge [at] indiana [dot] edu
Phone: (812) 855-8433
Fax: (812) 855-4840