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Latino Law Student Association (LLSA)


The Latino Law Student Association helps Latino students to become effective participants in law school and to increase awareness about the legal issues affecting Latinos/as. Not only do we focus connecting our networks and social mobility within the growing Latino/a community in Bloomington, Indiana, but also across the country.

About LLSA

Our group welcomes both Latino/a law school students and individuals interested in the Latino culture, history, and legal issues. We are an inclusive organization that advocates and discusses legal, political, and social issues that affect Latinos and other minority groups.

Members enjoy the benefits of alumni networking organizations, the ability to learn from scholars and professors working on Latino/a legal issues, scholarship opportunities, and other social events. Also, we invite everyone to come and share the experience of the vibrant Latina/o culture at IU Maurer School of Law.

Our school is committed to diversity in the legal profession; therefore, we are interested and eager to bring students from different backgrounds and cultures. Our student body benefits from the interaction of different legal arguments shaped by culture, ethnicity, socio-economic background, and political views.

Some of our members volunteer at El Centro Communal Latino Legal Program, which provides legal services for Latinos/as in Bloomington, and others speak out and advocate for social justice and equality in legal forums and speaking engagements. Our organization brings speakers and creates events to bring awareness about issues affecting the Latino/a community.

We want your academic and legal success to flourish at our institution, and we hope to work with you in our endeavor to bring social justice, equality, and awareness about the issues affecting Latinos/as and other minorities in the global community.

Click here to read the LLSA Constitution.

Executive Board
  • Carlos Tristan, President (CTRISTAN@INDIANA.EDU)
  • Star Martinez, Vice President – Internal
  • Javier Beccera, Vice President - External
  • Daniel Sheinfeld, Secretary
  • Kyle Castillo, Treasurer
  • Professor Gjerdingen, Professor of Law
  • Professor Quintanilla, Professor of Law
Salsa Night
Our annual fund-raiser for the Latino Law Student Association
Spanish-Only Lunches
Provide the law school community with an opportunity to practice their Spanish skills once a week
El Centro Communal Latino Legal Program
Providing legal services for Latinos/as in Bloomington and other areas to speak out and advocate for social justice and equality in legal forums and speaking engagements
Alumni Networking Events
Connect with Latino Alumni and provide networking opportunities for current students
Law School Speakers
Bringing in speakers that address Latina/o issues
Mentor Opportunities
LLSA provides incoming 1L students with a law student mentor who can provide insight into the law school process and the transition to law school. Once students are on campus, they will have the opportunity to have legal mentors who provide advice regarding law school and beyond.

The Latino Law Student Association works closely with the Latino Alumni Advisory Board. Alumni have visited the school and participated in speaking engagements, receptions, and other events. If you are an alum of LLSA, feel free to contact Ezequiel J. Romero or Lauren Hernandez to find out ways in which you can help strengthen the efforts of students and alumni, or if you have additional ideas.

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