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Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA)


APALSA serves as a social, academic, cultural, and professional resource for both students from Asian Pacific areas and students who are interested in Asian cultures in Law School. APALSA also provides a forum where students are free to exchange their opinions about Asian Pacific legal issues and political matters. Additionally, APALSA aims to enhance members’ experiences at the Law School through various programs targeted to promote interaction between students and with faculty.


Our group welcomes all the law school students interested in Asian culture, history, and law. APALSA values diversity; therefore, we encourage students from different backgrounds and cultures to join us. We hope that every member can benefit from the interaction of different cultures, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and political views.

Members also enjoy the Language Partner Program (LPP), alumni networking events, lectures, scholarship opportunities, and social events. Our alumni are engaged in a variety of legal careers, ranging from government to private law firm, and public interest organizations. APALSA provides law students opportunities to network with Asian-American lawyers and learn from practicing attorneys focusing on international and Asia-specific issues.

We want to enhance our members’ academic and social achievement and hope that we can work together to build a strong community and foster harmony among the various law school organizations. ‚Äč

The Year Ahead

In the upcoming year, APALSA is looking to register as a chapter of the National Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (NAPALSA). In so doing, members of APALSA will have greater access to the resources and opportunities necessary to compete in the Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition and to participate in the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association’s (NAPABA) annual convention.

For faculty-speaker events this year, APALSA hopes to engage Prof. Williams, Prof. Krishnan, and Prof. Dau-Schmidt in meaningful conversations regarding their work in Asia and with the Asian Pacific American community in the United States. We also hope to conduct a broader speaker series by reaching out to practicing professionals that regularly deal with issues encompassing the Asian legal market.

Beyond academic and professional events, APALSA will also host our annual celebrations of Asian culture which include Bollywood Night in the fall and the Lunar New Year Celebration in the spring. Tentative dates have been set for both of these events, and we are looking forward to having a lot of participation from within the law school and without. Bollywood Night will be held on October 22nd, and the Lunar New Year Celebration is tentatively scheduled for February. We will keep you posted as these events draw near.

This year, APALSA is looking towards creating a collaborative environment at the Law School by participating in a number of joint events with other law school organizations. A good example of our determination was the first Multicultural Mixer hosted at the Law School, which brought together almost all of the school's multicultural organizations in a celebration of diversity. The event was a grand success and we hope to continue to partner with various organizations to create a homogeneous environment for our community.

A Word from our Advisors . . .

When you’re starting law school and transplanted to southern Indiana, APALSA quickly becomes home: a place to kick back, find community, explore the legal profession, and engage in the issues you care about. - Prof. Weng

APALSA provides students with a community of support. The members come from diverse backgrounds and there is an opportunity to get to know people with a range of experiences - from within the United States and globally as well. APALSA also offers educational programs, mentoring, and chances for students to learn from professors, practitioners, and outside speakers who provide their experiences on how law intersects with a number of different fields. - Prof. Krishnan

Executive Board
  • Munan Cao, President (MUNCAO@INDIANA.EDU)
  • Sunrita Sen, Vice President
  • Yinuo Li, Secretary
  • Beifang Li, Treasurer
  • Miao Cheng, Social Chair
  • Yue Zhang, Public AffairsChair
Faculty Advisors
  • Professor Carwina Weng
  • Professor Jayanth Krishnan