Indiana Law Annotated for November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

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This Week in the Law School

Town Hall with Dean Buxbaum


Externship Workshop

Mandatory for 3Ls who plan on a semester-long workshop next semester. Wednesday.

Two Talks on the Establishment Clause

Monday and Thursday.

Sports and Entertainment Law Panel

Featuring Indianapolis sports law experts. Tuesday.

Memorial Tribute to Professor Bradley


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OCPD Student Tip: Informational Interviewing — What Next?

You have just conducted your first few informational interviews. So what do you do next?

First, make sure you thank the person who was willing to take time out of his busy schedule to speak with you. Personalize this note either in longhand or through email, and make sure it contains something that shows you were listening to the specific advice that was given.

Next, be intentional about reconnecting with the contact. There is no specific way to do this, but here are a few examples:

  • During the conversation, the interviewee may have given you some advice on a professional topic. At some point down the road, share with the interviewee that you did follow his advice, and let him know the positive results.
  • You have read an interesting case that reminded you of the interviewee's practice area. Ask him to comment on the issues presented.
  • If you're interviewing a Maurer alumnus, make sure you get to know what his favorite memories of Bloomington were. Go out and experience them yourself and share your story.

These steps are all about creating common ground. Always keep in mind that you aren't going to hit it off with every person you meet. Focus on fostering those relationships where you have a lot in common. With relationship development it is truly the quality of the relationships, not the quantity.


Monday, November 11

"[Don't] Let Us Pray: The Town of Greece Meets the Establishment Clause"

Prof. Winnifred Sullivan, chair of the IU Department of Religious Studies and affiliated professor of law, will speak on "The United States Government and Prayer." The talk examines the US Supreme Court case Town of Greece v. Galloway, which considers whether a town council may open its meetings with a prayer. Related event on Thursday, Nov. 14. Sponsored by the Maurer chapter of the American Constitution Society. Room 122, noon.

Lexis Primary Certification

Earn your Lexis Primary Certification and demonstrate to employers that you have what it takes to complete legal research on Lexis Advance. Lexis Points will be awarded. Lunch. Room 120, noon.


Tuesday, November 12

Externship Workshop for 2Ls and 3Ls

If you are a 3L still hoping to complete a semester-long externship next semester but have not been in touch with Student Affairs, you MUST attend this program. If you are a 2L interested in a semester-long externship during your 3L year, this workshop will play an essential part in your planning process. Other upcoming externship opportunities will also be discussed. Please join Student Affairs and the OCPD for this joint program. Room 121, noon.

Sports and Entertainment Law Society Panel

Join us as three respected sports lawyers in Indianapolis — Frank Pulice, vice president and general counsel of Pacers Sports and Entertainment; Norm Wain, general counsel and chief of business affairs for USA Track and Field; and Lou Perry, Faegre Baker Daniels — speak about sports law in Indianapolis. Room 125, noon.

LLSA General Meeting

General meeting of the Latino Law Student Association. We will discuss and have a final vote on LLSA constitutional amendments. We will also discuss events for the rest of the semester. Room 124, noon.

Phi Delta Phi Election

Phi Delta Phi will hold an election to fill the remaining executive board position. Open to all members, 2Ls and 3Ls. Please come and enjoy some non-pizza food. Room 120, noon.

Christian Legal Society Bible Study

Room 214, noon.


Wednesday, November 13

Town Hall with Dean Buxbaum

Come to this semester's Town Hall meeting to discuss current events within the law school with Dean Buxbaum. Pizza. Moot Court Room, noon. N.B.: Because of Town Hall, Dean Buxbaum will not hold her usual Wednesday afternoon meeting in the library. However, cookies will still be available at 3:00, so stop by and help yourselves.

Iran and the US: Breakthrough or False Hope?

Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani, is reaching out with energy to the United States and the West. President Obama has welcomed this initiative, but serious problems in the relationship remain. Dr. Haleh Esfandiari, founder and director of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC, will discuss prospects for a rapprochement between the two countries and the problems President Rouhani faces at home. Room 125, 5:30-7:00 p.m.


Thursday, November 14

"[Don't] Let Us Pray: The Town of Greece Meets the Establishment Clause"

Thomas M. Fisher, JD'94, the Indiana solicitor general, will further explore the topic discussed by Prof. Winnifred Sullivan on Monday. His lecture is titled "Congress Prays; Why Can't the Town of Greece?" Prof. Dan Conkle will also participate in the discussion. Sponsored by the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy. Lunch. Moot Court Room, noon.

Center for Law, Society, and Culture Colloquium

Prof. Erica Gorga, FGV Law School, São Paulo, and Yale Law School. Co-sponsored by the Office of Vice President for International Affairs, the Financial Regulation Colloquium, and the Law and Economics Group. Room 335, noon.

Center for IP Research Intellectual Property Colloquium

Prof. Jonas Anderson, American University Law School, will speak on "Patent Dialogue." Two hours' Indiana CLE approved. Room 120, 1:15-3:15.


Friday, November 15

Graduate Legal Studies Colloquium

The Colloquium is a weekly meeting of graduate students to discuss common academic concerns and research interests. This week, Professor Aviva Orenstein will share her research and writing tips. Room 120, noon.

Memorial Tribute to Professor Bradley

Join the Indiana Law community for this special tribute to Professor Craig Bradley. Moot Court Room, 4:00; reception afterwards in the Faculty Lounge.


Saturday, November 16

APALSA Ice Skating

Please join us for a fun afternoon ice skating at the Frank Southern Ice Arena, 1965 S. Henderson Street, from 12:30-2:00. It costs only $5 for both skating and rentals. If enough people sign up, then APALSA can provide food as well. For more information, contact Joyce Koh (


Faculty News

Professor Lahn Receives Citation

Prof. Seth Lahn's exceptional contributions to the legal profession and the citizens of Indiana were recognized at the Indiana State Bar Association's annual meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 16, where he received a presidential citation from Daniel B. Vinovich, JD'90, outgoing president of the ISBA. Congratulations, Prof. Lahn, for this outstanding honor and for all your contributions!

Prof. Rob Fischman served as a panelist at the University of Notre Dame Law School workshop on National Parks and the Law on November 7.

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