Indiana Law Annotated for Sept. 15, 2008 (35:3)


Applications for the 2009 Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition are due today. Please submit a current resume and a statement of interest (covering relevant experience and reasons for interest in the competition) to Dean Len Fromm.



Jessup Competition Deadline Today

Applications for the 2009 Jessup International Law Moot Court competition are due today. All students are welcome to apply. Both previous moot court experience and relevant course work will be considered, but neither is required. Priority will be given to upperclass students. Please submit a current resume and a statement of interest (covering relevant experience and reasons for interest in the competition) to Dean Len Fromm.

Originally named the "International Law Moot," the Jessup competition held its first round at Harvard University on May 3, 1959. In the subsequent years, the Jessup competition has risen to the pre-eminent position of being the largest and most prestigious international law moot court competition in the world. Today, approximately 1,500 students from more than 300 law schools in almost 50 nations participate in the competition.

Participants first compete in regional and national competitions in their respective countries. Winners from these competitions advance to the international rounds, which have been held, historically, in Washington, D.C.

This year's team will consist of four students and will be coached by Professor Christiana Ochoa. During the fall semester, team members will produce a written memorial (analogous to a brief); oral arguments will take place during the spring semester. For more details on the Jessup competition, see

ILS Call-out Meeting

The International Law Society (ILS) call-out meeting will be held at noon in room 124. Join us for information on future events and new activities. Lunch will be provided.

PDP Call-out Meeting

Phi Delta Phi (PDP) international legal fraternity is having a call-out meeting and first meeting of the year at noon in room 122. Join us for lunch and an introduction to our organization. The second half of our meeting will be our first programming event =96 How to Kick A-star in Law School. Lunch will be provided. Please join us. E-mail Amanda Meglemre at if you have any questions or would like more information but are unable to attend. Thank you.

LSRJ Call-out Meeting

The Law Students For Reproductive Justice (LSRJ) call-out meeting will be held at noon, room TBA. Lunch will be provided.

LDS Call-out Meeting

The Law and Drama Society (LDS) call-out meeting will be at noon in room 120. Lunch will be provided.

BLS Call-out Meeting

The Business and Law Society (BLS) is calling out all interested students for a brief introductory meeting from noon to 12:30 p.m. in room 125. Refreshments will be provided. We plan to discuss the benefits of becoming a BLS member as well as our upcoming events, socials, and first annual business law transactional competition. See you at noon!



PILF Meeting

The Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) will be having its first meeting of the year at noon in room 121. Pizza will be provided. Dues are $10; please plan on paying at the meeting if possible.

IPA Call-out Meeting

The Intellectual Property Association (IPA) will have a call-out meeting from noon to 1 p.m. in room 124. Please join us for a short meeting to learn about the IPA. Lunch will be provided, and all students are welcome. Please e-mail Nick Mathews ( if you have any questions.

FLF Call-out Meeting

Got bagels? The Feminist Law Forum (FLF) call-out meeting is at noon, room TBA.=20 Bloomington Bagel Company will be providing the bagels!

SELS Call-out Meeting

The Sports & Entertainment Law Society (SELS) will be holding its call-out meeting at noon in room 120. Please come out to see how you can get involved in these exciting areas of law. We will be holding elections for secretary during the call-out meeting. Hope to see you there!



Chief Justice Shepard: "What's the Argument in Favor of Biased Judges"

The Federalist Society presents Chief Justice Randall Shepard of the Indiana Supreme Court at noon in the Moot Court Room. His topic will be "What's the Argument in Favor of Biased Judges." Lunch will be provided.



Professor Galanter: "American Law Firms: Pasts, Presents, Futures"

Professor Marc Galanter, John & Rylla Bosshard Professor Emeritus of Law and South Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin- Madison and Centennial Professor, Department of Law, London School of Economics and Political Science, will be giving a keynote historical lecture for a new 1L Legal Professions class titled "American Law Firms: Pasts, Presents, Futures" from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Moot Court Room. Attendance is mandatory for the 1L class, but others in the Law School community are welcomed.


TAP Training

Do you want to get first-hand experience interviewing clients and negotiating with landlords in a real courtroom setting? The Tenant's Assistance Project (TAP) will be holding its training from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in room 213. Please RSVP for the training to by Wednesday, Sept. 17. You must attend training before you can begin helping TAP clients.



SBA Application for Appointment to Faculty-Student Committees Deadline: Sept. 22

Law student participation on the Faculty-Student Committees is designed to allow student input on curricular, extracurricular, and administrative matters that affect students most. It is also designed to give the faculty a clearer understanding of student needs. The Student Bar Association (SBA) is now accepting applications for appointments to Faculty-Student Committees. If you would like to be considered for such an appointment, please complete an application and insert it in the SBA office/bookstore door slot by 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 22, 2008. SBA will review applications and make recommendations to Dean Robel for appointments. SBA reserves the right to interview applicants, if needed. SBA will seriously consider your application to any committee that you preference. Please understand that if you are appointed to a committee, attendance and participation in scheduled committee meetings is mandatory. Committees meet on regular work days, often at noon or the afternoons.

ILAP Training: Sept. 23

Inmate Legal Assistance Project (ILAP) will be conducting new member training on Tuesday, Sept. 23, at noon in room 124. If you are new to ILAP, thinking of joining, or just need a refresher, please join us.

Oliver Winery Silent Auction, Wine-tasting: Sept. 25

The 16th Annual Oliver Winery Silent Auction and Wine-tasting will be held this year on Thursday, Sept. 25, from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tickets for this event are $10 for members of ELS and $15 for non-members. This event is a great opportunity to socialize with other law students and professors. Tickets are on sale in the Law School lobby. Please e-mail Margaret Tucker at if you have any questions.

PAD Applications, Fees Due: Sept. 26

All students interested in joining Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) legal fraternity should put their applications and initiation fees in Kelli O'Neil's (2L) mailbox before Friday, Sept. 26. Contact Kelli O'Neil at with any questions.

PILF Softball Tournament: Sept. 27

The 8th Annual Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) Softball Tournament will be held Saturday, Sept. 27 at Bryan Park. Start thinking about teams, and don't forget to ask a faculty member! Even if you don't play, come support your team! For more information, drop by the table in the Lobby.

Indiana Court of Appeals Oral Argument: Sept. 29

The Indiana Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in Mishler v. State at 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 29, in the Moot Court Room. Appellant-defendant Paul L. Mishler appeals his convictions on two counts of Child Molesting, a class A felony, claiming that the trial court erred in admitting the child victim's pretrial statements and videotaped interview into evidence at trial. Mishler contends that the statements and interview failed to satisfy the admissibility requirements of Indiana Code section 35-37-4-6, the "Protected Person Statute," and that the admission of the victim's statements violated his right to confront witnesses testifying against him. Mishler also argues that the evidence was insufficient to support the convictions and that the 50-year aggregate sentence was inappropriate in light of the nature of the offenses and his character.

Socctoberfest: Oct. 10

Are you ready for some f=FAtbol? The Sixth Annual JD/LLM Socctoberfest will be held from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 10, at Karst Farm Park (Fields 1 and 2) on the west side of Bloomington. It is a co-ed event that welcomes all ability levels. There will be a cookout following the games in the area adjacent to the soccer fields. Participants, fellow students, and family are all welcome to attend. Those interested in playing or organizing the event should contact Professor Bill Henderson at and indicate a skill level: a) I would have gone pro if not for my knee injury; b) I'm not exactly Pele, but I know my way around the field; c) I have a modicum of athletic ability but no special skill at soccer; d) I enjoy kicking things. A Web site will be online next week to provide students with additional information on the event.

Indiana Supreme Court: Oct. 16

The Indiana Supreme Court will be hearing arguments on Klotz v. Hoyt at noon on Thursday, Oct. 16, in the Moot Court Room. In a dispute between a landlord and tenants regarding the payment of back rent and return of the security deposit, the Delaware Circuit Court entered judgment for the tenants. The Court of Appeals reversed. Klotz v. Hoyt, 880 N.E.2d 1234 (Ind. Ct. App. 2008), vacated. The Supreme Court has granted a petition to transfer and has assumed jurisdiction over the appeal.

Steve Sanders: Oct. 16

Steve Sanders, an associate with Mayer Brown in Chicago, will present =93Faculty and the First Amendment: the Illusory Protections of =91Academic Freedom=92=94 at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 16, in the Moot Court Room. His talk will focus on a number of recent court cases that threaten to erode the free speech rights of public university faculty, placing the cases in the context of a more general argument: that those of us who are or have been denizens of academia tend to assume the law gives more special protection to our work than it actually does. He will be introduced by former Vice President for Academic Affairs and Bloomington Chancellor Ken Gros Louis.



On September 16, 2008, Professor Joe Hoffmann will receive the 2008 Judicial Excellence in Education Award for Outstanding Non-Judicial Faculty from the Texas Center for the Judiciary. One recipient is selected annually. Also, in August 2008, Hoffmann served as a faculty member at the University of Tokyo Law School's Summer School. He also presented =93Rethinking Post-Conviction Relief in the 21st Century=94 with co-author Nancy J. King at the Harvard Criminal Law Forum in May 2008.

Professor Alex Tanford participated in the Monroe/Owen County Senior track meet on Sept. 8 for athletes over the age of 50. He finished first in the 50m and 100m dashes with times of 7.17 and 13.59 respectively.



Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition

The 2008-09 Sherman Minton Moot Court competition gets underway on Oct. 10. Oral arguments will take place from Oct. 10 through Nov. 10. Oral arguments will be held most weeknights and on Saturdays. Weeknight sessions will begin at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. during the fall rounds, with Saturday arguments beginning at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., or 3 p.m. Most of the second-year class traditionally participates in the annual competition, which is also open to third-year students who have not previously competed. For more information, including a schedule of events, visit The Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition Web site.

Scheduling Events

All e-mail about reserving classrooms must be sent to BL-LAW-EVENTS. Mail must be sent to the correct address, bl-law-events (for Outlook users) or (for non-Outlook users). Please include the date and time of event, the length of time room will be needed, the classroom requested, and the number of people attending the event. Requests should be sent at least one week before the event and should include the name of the person requesting, the organization planning the event, and an e-mail address. Confirmations will be sent by reply e-mail. Thank you!

Audio-Video Services

Requests for AV services may be sent to Beth at Please include the name of your group and the e-mail address of the contact person, a description of what you want to do, and the date, location, starting time, and duration of the event. Requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance and will be confirmed by e-mail.



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